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The hellebore is one my favourite plants to grow in the garden. This design captures the nodding bell flowers as clusters of blooms surrounded by leaves. The simple line work of my illustrations are layered over each other to create a distinctive graphic style.

I like my patterns to evoke the nature of each plant and this hellebore print coveys an abundance of growth with subtly hidden flowers.

As a designer I’m always looking for colour inspiration. This slate grey and ochre palette was inspired by ‘mustard powder lichen’ that I discovered growing on the peeling bark of a sliver grey Eucalyptus tree.

This fabric works well in grey interior schemes, especially when paired with decorative items in block colours of ochre and mustard for
that eye-catching contrast.


Hellebores were always going to make it onto my sketch list. This design captures the nodding bell flowers as clusters of blooms. My illustrations are built up in layers to create a distinctive graphic style.

As a designer my aim is to express ‘my take’ on a particular plant or flower, not create a direct representation in expected colour ways.

Often known as the Christmas Rose for it flowers during the winter months, I wanted to use the idea of wintery cool shades to influence the colour palette for this design. Its dark inky background is not a true black but a deep charcoal tone with harmonious shades of greys and a pop of sky blue.

Perfect for adding to calming blue and tranquil grey room schemes for that touch of botanical elegance.


Always wanting to try something new in my garden, I decided to plant a few different varieties of tulip bulbs one winter, in recycled galvanised containers. I was overwhelmed with the sheer extravagance of what bloomed the following spring and could not stop photographing and sketching these gorgeous flowers.

This illustration is of a particular tulip variety from the Dark Secret Collection. Its blooms are glamorous and extravagant with rippling petals that shimmer in the late spring sunshine.

I wanted to reflect the drama of this tulip so this design depicts large scale illustrations of the bloom. Each flower head is expressed in various shades of charcoal grey and white upon a chalky pale grey background.

This neutral colour palette has hints of vintage about it – bold in design, subtle in colour yet works well in either a contemporary or classic room scheme.


Tulips are a late spring flower and this is the time of year that brings freshness and exciting new growth, emerging out of the grey winter into new greens of the year ahead.

I wanted to try something new and a little bit different with this fabric print. I introduced panels of block colour. At the time I was looking to create juxtaposition within the design, not just with colour but also the layout and so experimented with how the illustrations work when layered with different tones.

This particular design was inspired by deckchair stripes…yes, it’s random I know but I wanted contrast between the flowing blooms and the uniformity of a stripe. I have actually used this cotton fabric on pre-loved vintage deck chairs and it works beautifully.

It was Tulip Green Star that inspired this colour palette with a vibrant lime green running through its bloom. This design creates the wow factor and is perfect if you are looking to refresh an interior scheme, especially in the spring and summer season.


I have introduced an organic, unbleached cotton to the Bloom & Bear fabric range. The base of this fabric is a neutral oatmeal colour which
has a natural fleck running through the fibres. It provides a perfect background for my illustrative botanical designs, working beautifully
with the colours I use in my work.

The ’Sprig’ pattern was inspired by the herbaceous perennial commonly known as Joe Pye. It’s a wild plant that you often see growing in hedgerows or along the roadside with feathery blooms of dusky pink flowers. However it was the lance shaped foliage that inspired this pen and ink illustration.

Indigo blue inks were used to create the painterly leaves, purposely mismatched to the ink line work which was created using a nib pen.
Unlike other prints in the Bloom & Bear range, this pattern is upright in direction.

This is a popular fabric print in the blue palette and works with both neutral and blue interior schemes for a touch of rustic living.


This organic, unbleached cotton is a neutral oatmeal colour which has a natural fleck running through the fibres. It provides a perfect background for my illustrative botanical designs, working beautifully with the colours I use in my work.

It’s not often that I actually represent my subject in the colour that it naturally comes in! This one however is the exception.
There is something about green that just feels right for the sole. It’s the second most prevalent natural colour in the world (after blue) and
during the recent growth of ‘everything botanical’ in our homes to aid wellbeing, it seems right to portray a leaf motif in forest ‘green’.

This fabric works well if you are looking to bring the outdoors in and compliments room interiors that have natural wood furniture. It’s ideal when layering several shades of green together in a room scheme.


Floral blooms may be the key subject that I love to sketch but foliage also provides interesting forms to work with. Something as simple as a leaf can appear quite ordinary yet the enormous variety of leaf shapes and structures also inspire me to sketch.

Printed on organic unbleached cotton, the base of this fabric is a neutral oatmeal colour which has a natural fleck running through the fibres. It provides a perfect background for my illustrative botanical designs, working beautifully with the colours I use in my work.

This leaf design was inspired by a hedgerow find that’s classed as a weed so the challenge was to create a design from it, worthy of a home interior.

To add drama to this leaf print, I’ve introduced a lively, citrusy lime watercolour layer to the illustration, creating a striking contrast against the black leaf motif. This print will pep up any neutral interior and certainly add the wow factor to a dark, sophisticated decor.



Whether you are looking to refresh your home interior, buy an original handcrafted gift for someone you love or simply want to send something beautiful in the post, then take a closer look at the Bloom & Bear collections.


With hand-drawn illustrations inspired by blooms grown in Bloom & Bear’s garden, these beautifully printed greeting cards will brighten anyone’s day. Who will you send one too?


Treat yourself or someone else to a practical, beautiful and individually handcrafted gift. Keep life’s bits and bobs organised in a handy zip pouch – then keep that safe in a Bloom & Bear cotton tote bag. Even your clothes pegs will have a smart place to ‘hang out’ in botanical inspired peg bags.


Your home is as individual as you are so why not treat your rooms to a lovely plump cushion or a matching lampshade and add that botanical touch your surroundings.

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